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Local Use Statistics for Research and Information Databases

All vendors of Database content provided for Kansans by the State Library and Kan-ed can provide you with statistical information about your library's use of the databases, provided that use is identifiable as your library's.

Your library may be identified to the vendor by one or more of the following:

Database usage via the Kansas Library Card or the State Library's main page is not tied to your database accounts. This usage is counted at the state level to evaluate the effectiveness of the entire program.

This page lists procedures and/or contacts for usage statistics from:

OCLC WorldCat

Log on to OCLC Usage Statistics to view and print statistics. You log on to this module using your WorldCat authorization (9-digit number assigned by OCLC) and your Statistics password. The Statistics password was originally set by OCLC, to be the same as your password for using WorldCat and your Admin password.

If you've changed your login password, your Admin and Stats passwords may now be different. The State Library can provide you with your authorization and original password - just call 800.432.3919 and ask for Jeff or Rhonda. If your Admin password has been changed in the past and you don't have it, you must contact OCLC at 800-848-5800).


Heritage Quest:

The URL for the usage reports is:

Customers are automatically IP authenticated for the usage account (using the info stored in CCSI). If you don't use IP authentication you'll get a username/password login screen, so you will need to know the username and password for your account.

Nursing Journals:

You will need to contact Customer Service to get your ProQuest Administrator Module Information. You can then log onto: to retrieve those usage statistics.
800.521.0600 x2971 (Public/Academic)
800.521.0600 x7112 (K-12)


You can access individual usage statistics for EBSCO by logging into the admininstrative portal at  using the administrative id and password that was assigned to your organization.


Please contact Mabel G. Mannion, Account Executive Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1-800-621-3900 X 7205 to request individual usage statistics.


Mango can provide your library with access to usage statistics and data, provided you have an established member account and are using a custom link provided by Mango. If you have previously submitted a Mango Integration form, simply email your request to Library Sales Manager David Degrandchamp and he will provide you with access.
If you have not previously completed an integration form, you can do so and attach it to the email. The form is available here. If you need help with the form, email David.


Gale can provide your library with access to usage statistics and data through the Gale Admin Portal, provided you are identified as an institution under the Kansas Statewide Consortium and are using a custom link provided by Gale.

If you do not have a LocationID, do not know if you have one, or do not have a username and password for Gale Admin, please send a request to Chris Michela & Doug Hansen (primary email) (cc: line) (cc: line)

800-877-4253x 8084 (Chris)
248-699-8636 (Doug)


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