Computer Use

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a free software that allows both Windows and Mac computers to download library ebooks and transfer those books to a compatible ereader.  The only ereader not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions is the Kindle. 

Install & Set Up the Software: 
  1. Go to the Adobe Digital Editions Download page:
  2. Click the appropriate version for your computer - Windows or Mac. 
  3. Download & install the software as prompted by your computer.  
  4. Open the software as for first use - it will ask you to log in with an Adobe ID.  Adobe IDs are always an email address and a password you were allowed to create.  
    • Already have one?  Enter it now.
    • Do not have one?  Click the "Create an Adobe ID" link.  When you have created your Adobe ID, return to the software and input this information.  
Check Out & Download a Book
  1. Go to our Freading site,
  2. Click "login" in the upper right side.  Enter your information:
    • Card Number = your Kansas Library eCard number
    • Pin = your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format  (example: if your birthday is April 15, 1980, you will enter 04151980)
  3. You'll be back on the Freading homepage, but are now logged in, and your account activated if this is your first visit.  If a welcome & setup box is over the homepage, you may choose "skip every time."
  4. Search or browse for a book (tips below). 
  5. When you have found something you like, click on the cover.  This shows the book's details, and you can also click on the "download" button for the book.
  6. When prompted, choose to "Open" the book in your Adobe Digital Editions software. Once the download is complete, you can begin using the book.

Search & Browse Tips:

The search box (found at the top on most pages) works well.  You can also search by author, title, or category.  Category is good if you just have a topic in mind, and do not want to drill down to a subcategory through the browse feature.   

Browsing is a good way to find a book on Freading.  The main browsable areas are: 

  • Top Downloads
  • New Arrivals (Freading adds more books at least once a week)
  • Categories - this is subject browse.  Many categories have sub-categories (like Fiction has Mystery, Romance, etc).  Choose a category then subcategories will show as a scrolling list at the bottom of your screen.

Read a Book in the Software:

  • Open a book: double-click the book cover in the Library section.  
  • Turn a page: you can use any of these actions: 
    • roll scroll wheel on the mouse 
    • "down" arrow on keyboard
    • "page down" on keyboard
    • arrow buttons at the bottom of the reading window.
  • Close a book:  choose "Library"  in the upper left side to return to the list of books.  If you have not finished the book, it will have automatically set a bookmark. 
  • Change Reading Settings
    • Text size options - the double-A button in the black bar (top right). 
    • Toggle Full Screen - button that looks like a computer monitor (further to right than text size).  Makes the reading pane fill your entire screen. 
Transfer a Book to an eReader: 
  1. Plug your device into the computer.  
  2. Your device's name will appear in the left side bar, above the software's bookshelves listing.  
    • If this is the first time your device has been used with library ebooks, click once on the name of the device.
    • Click the small gear icon to the upper right of the device name, and choose "authorize device."  If this is unclickable, then the software did this automatically when it recognized the device.  
  3. Click and hold down on the book you want to transfer.  
  4. Drag the book to the name of your device in the left side bar.  Release the book when you see a green plus sign appear.
  5. A brief "copying" message will flash on the screen, and your book has been added to the device. 

Finished with a Book: 
Remove the book from the software by: 
  1. Go to the software's Library view.
  2. Right click the book's cover to see the small menu. 
  3. When the book's details are shown, choose "Remove from Library."  Early returns are not necessary on Freading, where all books have unlimited copies.  
If you transferred the book to an ereader, you will need to delete the file from the device.  You can do this in ADE by: 
  1. Plugging the device into the computer. 
  2. Click the name of your device on the left side panel - this should show any library ebook you've transferred.
  3. Click on the cover of the book once to select it, then use the delete key on your keyboard.  
Your Account
  • Books check out for 14 days. 
  • There are no holds or early returns on Freading.  When finished with a book, just delete it from your software and ereader.
  • Checkout limit is 5 per week.  As there are no holds on Freading, it works by use per week.
    • A new 5 checkouts is issued to your account every Monday.
    • Unused checkouts roll over for up to 4 weeks.
    • The library only pays for checkouts you actually use, so you are not wasting anything by not checking out all five books per week.
  • Renewal available - if your book has expired, here is how to check it out again.  You may wish to check your place then delete the old copy of the book before doing this.   
    1. Access the Freading website. 
    2. Click My Downloads.  This shows your entire reading history. 
    3. Click the title of the book you want to check out again. 
    4. You will now be on the book's details page.  Use the download button for the book.