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Librarian News

  1. Resource Reminder: Student Success Skills Center in LearningExpress Library

    The Student Success Skills Center in LearningExpress Library ( promotes skills that are vital for success in high school, college, and in life. Featured resources include interactive tutorials on study and classroom skills,...

  2. Updated Bookflix Link

    Our main geolocation link for Bookflix has changed. If you are using the old URL on your webpage or in bookmarks, replace it with the new URL for better results. Old:       ...

  3. August 2018 Continuing Education Roundup

    Check out the recently added no-cost, online, continuing education opportunities which have been posted to the Librarian Events calendar: ADVOCACY Aug 15: Promoting Your Library in the Community (Utah State Library) Aug 16: Marketing For Rural...

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From the Reference Desk

  1. Sample Ballots

    Sample Ballots Wouldn’t it be great to view a sample ballot before walking into the voting booth??  Kansas sample ballots can be easily looked up at the following website: Kansas Sample Ballots If you do not see your sample ballot for the...

  2. Resources for Kansas' 2018 primary elections

    The 2018 Kansas primary elections are taking place on August 7. By Kansas law, voter registration and updates must be done 21 days or more before an election. The deadline for voter registration or updates for the 2018 Kansas primaries is therefore...

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