Enki Read Online Option

Enki has a read-online option, so it is compatible with devices such as the Chromebook.  This option is slightly clunky on a mobile device, so if you use it on a smartphone or tablet be sure to scroll carefully in the reading windows. 

Check Out a Book

This is how you will check out a book every single time.

  1. In your device's web browser, go to the Enki Library website: http://ksl.enkilibrary.org/
  2. Log in with this information:
    • Library Card Number: your Kansas Library eCard number.
    • PIN/Password: in MMDDYYYY format.  Example: If your birthdate is April 15, 1980, you would input 04151980.
  3. Search or browse for a book to check out. Tips:
    • Keyword search works well to start a general browse with keywords like mystery or if you like vampires.
    • After you search, there will be a bar at left showing similar subjects and other ways to limit a search.
  4. When you have found a book that you want, click the "Checkout" button. You will receive a confirmation message and be taken to the My Account screen.

Reading Books

  1. The My Account screen will list all of books you have checked out.
  2. Click the "Read Online" button for your book.
  3. The book will open in the online reading screen.  Sometimes this takes a couple of minutes to fully load, please be patient.
  4. To progress through the book, you may scroll, use the arrow keys on the keyboard, or the arrow keys in the bottom right.

About the Reading Panel

  • The table of contents will be at left.
  • The navigation & options bar is across the bottom.
  • Increase text size - The double A button in left corner, or use Ctrl + (or other zooming features) to increase entire browser.
  • Hide TOC - Hides the Table of Contents
  • Hide Controls - Right side - Removes all borders, the TOC, and other buttons, so the book text has the entire screen.
Continuing Reading Later
When finished reading a book, you may close the browser or exit the reading screen by clicking My Account or Log Out in the upper right corner.

If you use the same browser and have not cleared your browser's cache (or temporary internet files), the book should pick up at the same spot you left off.  Please note your chapter just in case.  There is not a bookmarking option at this time.

What Else? 

  • Books check out for 21 days, and you may have 10 books at a time. 
  • Return a book early using the "Return Now" button on the My Account page.  Early return is encouraged, if someone else is waiting on that book they will get it as soon as you return it. 
  • Renewal feature is not available, but you can check a book out again if no one else was waiting on the book. 
  • Holds notes: 
    • To be notified when it is your turn for a hold, go to My Account -> Profile and click the "Edit" feature to enter your email address. 
    • You have 3 days to check out a book when it is your turn. 
    • Use the "Postpone" feature to stop your holds from counting down while on vacation.