Cloud Library Computer Use

Getting Started

A. Install Software & Log in
  1. Choose the page for your computer, then click the red "download the app" button. These pages open in a new window. 
  2. Finalize installation of the software as prompted for your computer.  
  3. Open the software for first use - it will want you to connect to your library.  Fill out as follows: 
    • Select Country and State.
    • Select Library = State Library of Kansas
    • Enter Your Library ID: 
      • Library ID = your Kansas Library eCard number
      • Library Pin/Password = your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format.  Example: if your birthday is January 29, 1980, you should enter 01291980. 
    • Checkmark the terms & conditions to accept. 
  4. The software will connect. Normally, it will save your information and you will not have to log in every time. 
B. Set Adobe Authorization
After login, an Adobe authorization box will come up.  If you have:  
  • used Adobe Digital Editions (free software we use for Freading & Enki ebooks) on your computer in the past, your computer already has an Adobe ID set. Cloud Library will see this, and want to use it. Confirm.
  • not used Adobe Digital Editions in the past, the box will ask you to choose an option: 
    • Allow Cloud Library to make you a system-generated ID. If you do not already have an Adobe ID and do not need a personal ID for some other reason, just pick this.  
    • Input your own Adobe ID - choose this if you already have a personal Adobe ID and want to use it.
C. Menu Overview
Across the top of the app, between the library logo & the book covers is the menu line.  You'll see (left to right):
  • Featured - this is the display case of the library.  Commonly, you'll see "New Additions" at the top.  Other shelves will come & go (example: every summer we will put up a Kansas Notable Books shelf when the new list of winners has been released). 
  • Browse - this is subject browse, and the best place to start when new to the service. Note that
    • Fiction & Nonfiction sections are the adult books, Teen & Kids are now separate. 
    • Categories (mystery, etc) are as a list on each section. Some are pre-selected (blue) just click any blue category to de-select it, or black to bring that line into the list of book titles below.
    • Subcategories - some lines (like mystery, science fiction) will have a down arrow in front of the name. This indicates a large subject with subcategories to make browsing easier. Click the arrow to drop these out.
    • Star/favorite - only like a couple of categories/subcategories? Click the star in front of that line, and you'll be able to access these in the future from the star section higher on the page.
    • List view - lets you see a line of books in the entire screen, and gives you a sort option (newest, by author, by title).
  • My Books - your account screen. You will access any current checkouts, holds list, reading history.
  • Messages - Twitter tab shows past library messages for Cloud Library (any current message is also under the library name).
  •  Filters - can set the app to show only "available now" books, so you do not have to scroll past books with all copies currently checked out. This stays on, remember to turn it off if searching for a particular title.
  • Settings - set your email address for holds notification or log out of the software (logout not needed unless someone else is also using this software on the computer).
  • About - Library Support is our help notes page, Library Contact allows you to ask us a question or report a problem.
  • Search - bar with the magnifying glass. This is a very simple search. It is best to just use an author name or part of a title.

Check Out a Book

You may browse or search however you wish, here's just an example showing you only books you can get right this moment (no books with holds lists): 
  1. Go to Filters and turn on the "available now" option - remember to turn this off later if it is not your preference. 
  2. Go to Browse -  by default, you will be on Fiction (adult), select a different tab (Nonfiction, Teen, Kid) if needed.
  3. Select the category you like from the list of black titles (like Mystery) to bring it into the list of book covers lower on the screen.  Scroll through the books or select List View if you'd like to sort them by newest.
  4. When you've found a book, click it and choose the "borrow" button.
  5. The My Books section will open, and the book will begin downloading into the Currently Reading area.  

Reading a Book Inside the Software

  • Open a book: go to My Books and click the cover of the book in the reading area.  This will open a 5th tab at the top of the software called "ebook."  It is your reading window.
  • Turn a page: use the arrow buttons on either side of the book page. 
  • Close a book: use the close button on the upper left side of the book page. 
  • Change text size: look for the two A buttons on the upper right corner of the book page.  The smaller decreases the size of the text, the larger A increases it. 

Transfer Book to an eReader

Nearly all ereaders (except the Kindle) will work with the Cloud Library software.
  1. Go to the My Books section of your software.  
  2. Plug your ereader into the computer.  The message of "[device name] connected" will appear across the top of the Currently Reading area when the ereader is recognized. 
    • if you connected the ereader before opening the Cloud Library software and it is not recognized, try unplugging the device and plugging it back in. 
  3. Each checked out book will have a green "Transfer to Device" button on it.  Click this button.  You will see a brief message that the software is copying the book to the device.  

What Else? 

  • 5 books may be checked out at a time.
  • Books check out for 14 days.  There is not a renewal option, but you can check out the book again immediately if no one else had it on hold.  
  • Early return is encouraged to release the book for another to use.  Here's how: 
    • Go to My Books. 
    • Click the "List View" button in the upper right side of the wood-paneled area.
    • Click the red "Return" button for the book you are finished with.  
  • Holds notes: 
    • To be notified when it is your turn for a hold, go to My Books->Settings->Email notification. Choose "yes notify" and give the software your email address.  It will send you a confirmation email, follow any instructions in the email to finalize setup  (usually you will be asked to click a verify link).
    • You have 3 days to check out a book when it is your turn.  Available holds will show will show a checkout/borrow button in the Holds List.
  • Remove books from an ereader - the Cloud Library software cannot remove files from your device, only add them. One way to remove books is: 
    • Plug your device into the computer. 
    • When the autoplay box comes up, choose to "Open folder to view files."  If you do not see this box, do this: 
      • Go to Computer.
      • Open your device from the list. 
    • You are inside the device's storage, open the Digital Editions folder. Book files will contain the title name, so you can delete any book you are finished with.