Ethics of Weeding

This archived event was part of Everyday Ethics, a collaborative program from the Kansas Regional Library Systems and the State Library of Kansas.

Harry Willems, Director of the Central Kansas Library System and Chris Rippel, Continuing Education Coordinator for the Central Kansas Library System

Since libraries are so strongly associated with "books," weeding seems anti-book and anti-library.  How could conscientious librarians throw away "good books," especially "classics"? Even librarians who weed have nagging doubts about weeding. This presentation faces this controversy and these doubts head-on. This workshop has three goals. One goal is to explain how CREW is part of a whole process of collection development. Goal two is to suggest ways to balance our love and care of books with the benefits weeding provides to the entire library collection. For example, we explain how library shelving and weeding undermines Raganathan's third law of library science, but we then suggest how to reduce this harm during the weeding process. Our third goal is suggesting ways for reducing confrontations over weeding.

Ethics of Weeding from State Library of Kansas on Vimeo.

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Ethics of Weeding
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