Britannica E-STAX

Accessing E-STAX:

Most people will be able to access from any Britannica E-STAX link on the State Library website, such as the Digital Books eLending main page, without the need to login.

If you are asked to enter a Kansas Library eCard number when you click the E-STAX link or image, this is only because your internet service address does not register as Kansas. Schools should never encounter this, but it may happen if used from home. Just login with a Kansas Library eCard and choose E-STAX.

Finding a Book:

When you reach the Britannica E-STAX main page, you will see the books in order by title.
  • Browse:  
    • Above the cover of the first book, find the box that says "Subjects." 
    • Click the drop-down box to the right of "Subjects," you will be able to choose from topics like Animals, History, Science.  Choose one, and the page will show the results.
  • Search: there is a simple search box at the top of the page (in the black banner).  Here you can search for keywords like insect, rocks, horses. 

Using a Book:

Read Online - this is the most commonly used.
  • Click the "Online Reading" button to start the book.
  • Turn pages using arrow buttons at the bottom right of the book screen.  
  • Exit the book by:
    • Computer: clicking "Home" or the Britannica logo in the upper left corner.
    • Mobile device: click the leaning books icon in upper left corner.
  • Works in any device with a web browser, even color eReaders.
Download Book (Optional)
  • Install the iPublish Central Reader: 
  • Download a Book: 
    • Click the round blue "Download" button for the book.
    • This opens a new page, click the button with the green arrow to download the book file.
    • Choose to "open" the book.  Your iPublish software/mobile app will come up, and show the book. Finalize the book download by: 
      • Computer: Click the "download" button in the iPublish Central software.
      • Mobile app: Tap the cover of the book.
  • Read a Book:
    • Computer: 
      • Click the "Read" link for the book to open it.
      • Turn pages using the arrow buttons at the bottom right of the book screen.
    • Mobile app:
      • Tap the cover of the book to open the book, then tap the book again to start.
      • Swipe to turn pages (you might want to turn the device to landscape for best viewing). 
      • Tap the center of the pages to access the menu (exit will be in top left corner). 

What else do I need to know?

  • No limits on how many books you can read or download.
  • All books have unlimited copies, so there are no holds.  An entire class can read the same book at the same time.
  • Downloaded book copies will expire in the software/mobile app after two months, but can be downloaded again if you still need the book.  Delete the expired copy before you download another (trash can button). 
  • My Folder login is optional.  This is to keep notes on books you read, but no additional personal login is needed to use the site.
  • Any questions?  Email us: