Grants-In-Aid (State Aid)

The purpose of State Aid is to supplement, not replace, local libraries’ budgets. This requires a maintenance of effort.

SLK verifies each individual public library's maintenance of effort and tracks completion of the Annual KS Public Library Survey/State Report. Status updates are provided on a continual basis by visiting- 


Completion of the annual KS Public Library Survey/State Report and a demonstrated Maintenance of Effort is required in order for a KS public library to be eligible to receive State Aid. 

KS Public Library Survey/State Report
Calendar year 2016 statistics will be reported between January 1 - February 10, 2017.

Worksheet/Instructions/Survey Questions

More information can be located at- 

Maintenance of Effort

Answers the question: “Is your library’s funding body (city, county, district, etc.) providing at least the same amount of tax support this year as last year?”


•1/3 distributed to the 7 Regional Library Systems
•2/3 distributed to eligible public libraries on a per capita basis

Related Kansas Statutes Annotated (KSA)

Article 25 State Library and Library Services
75-2553 Grants-in-aid to libraries act; citation
75-2554 Grants-in-aid to libraries; definitions
75-2555 Same; apportionment and distribution to eligible libraries; formula
75-2556 Grants-in-aid to libraries; annual report of population and tax information; determination of amount of and eligibility for aid; payment dates
75-2557 Same; certification by state librarian of amounts payable; duties of director of accounts and reports
75-2558 Grants-in-aid to libraries; limitations of expenditures from state aid funds; penalty
75-2559 Same; annual expenditure reports by libraries receiving grants-in-aid
75-2560 Same; powers and duties of state librarian; withholding aid; notice of noncompliance with act to director of accounts and reports. 
75-2561 Same; budget requests of state librarian; reports of distributions and expenditures
75-2562 Same; acceptance of federal grants or funds by state librarian; distribution; plan by advisory commission; independent application for and receipt of federal funds; effect