MiFi Pilot Best Practices

Best Practices

Kansas MiFi Pilot 2 (Borrow the Internet @ your library)

Prior to check-out

  • For ease of use, place information on a label to bottom of device - similar to this:

Device Label

  • Add devices to your online catalog. Here is a template provided by Heather Braum, Northeast Kansas Library System:

At check-out

  • Verify that patron holds a card at your library. Out-of-district patrons with reciprocal borrowing privileges are not eligible, as library demographics were taken into account during the NYPL approval process.
  • Always check out a charger and charging cord with the device

While checked out

  • Borrowers who experience any problems with the hotspot should return it immediately to the lending library. Borrowers should not attempt to repair the device.
  • If device is not returned in a timely way, follow the circulation policies and device management procedures on the main project page.

At check-in

  • Verify the device’s SIM card has not been changed or removed by checking the SIM number when it is returned to the library.
  • Verify the device label above is intact, unaltered, and matches your records.
  • If you return a damaged or inoperative device directly to Verizon, be sure to keep tracking information on the shipment. Loss in shipment could incur a $199 charge.

General – Grant compliance

  • Please make your best possible effort to participate in the monthly calls. If you can’t be available, try to arrange for an alternate, and be sure to provide the meeting link. Even if you are represented, reviewing the meeting archive is always recommended.