2014 - Fizz Boom Read! (Science theme)

2014 Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Summary

This year, there were 307 participating libraries from the seven regional systems. Based on data from reporting libraries, Kansas Libraries provided at least 14,466 days of Summer Reading to children, 8,947 days to teens, and 7,169 days to adults for a total of 30,582 days.

1. 291 out of 307 libraries (94.7%) utilized the CSLP theme and materials for their Summer Reading programs. 212 libraries visited the CSLP website.

2. 282 out of 307 libraries (91.8%) used the Children’s CSLP Program Manual. 132 libraries (43.4%) used the Teen CSLP Program Manual. 57 libraries (18.7%) used CSLP’s Adult program materials.

3. 315 library staff attended the regional CSLP workshops. 71% found the workshop was helpful in planning library programs.

4. 89,143 children (including preschoolers) participated in the reading portion of the CSLP program. 12,619 teens participated in a reading program. 60 used BPH (Talking Books) materials to participate. 11,156 adults participated in a library reading program. 101,822 children and teens participated statewide in Summer Reading. The total number of participants including adults in 2014 was 112,978.

5. 6,745 children’s programs or activities were held in conjunction with Summer Reading. 1,686 teen programs or activities were held. 1,297 programs were put on for adults. Total reported attendance at Summer Reading programs or activities statewide was 246,768 compared to last year’s total of 230,643.

6. $117,020 was spent on program and support materials from Upstart. $294,799 was spent on program materials from other sources. $157,617 was spent on performers. Libraries spent a total of $569,436 on program support materials and prizes for Summer Reading.

7. Libraries received $1,034,288 in donated materials and services from their communities to support Summer Reading, compared to $583,584 last year.