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WebJunction hosts free live training events via the web that are open to all.  Each session covers a high-interest library topic presented by real-world practitioners and experts.  Register to attend upcoming webinars, or view the recorded sessions for those you may have missed.
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The course catalog is free and open to library staff.  WebJunction offers library-specific self-paced courses, webinar archives, and other learning materials.  Certificates of Completion are available to help library staff meet CE and LEU credit requirements.
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Learn about the skills that are essential to today's library worker with WebJunction's Competency Index, find out hot to manage your own growth, and get support for how to be a successful e-learner.
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WebJunction has ended its partnership with Skillsoft. This means that access to Skillsoft courses will end on June 30, 2018. 

You are encouraged to enroll in and complete as many classes as you like before the service ends. Please also remember to print your Learning Transcript or certificates of completion by that time.

New account registrations are also allowed through June 30, so you can pass along information about Skillsoft to colleagues who may be interested in taking a course.

Information about other continuing education opportunities that you may be interested in are available through the state library’s Website. Check out the list here:https://kslib.info/306/Continuing-Education.

SkillPort is a learning management system with access to over 400 online self-paced courses and over 8,000 short instructional videos; topics range from using Microsoft Office to leadership essentials to creating budgets: http://webjunction.skillport.com

Getting Started – Request an Account

  1. Go to  http://webjunction.SkillPort.com/
  2. Click on the Register link near the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete all fields of the registration form, making sure to select State Library of Kansas as your sponsor.
  4. Affirm and submit the form, you will receive an email acknowledging your request.
  5. Within 2 working days, you will receive a notice of approval or disapproval.
  6. Once approved, you can log in and start learning.
    If log in gets stuck the first time you try, use the Click Here link provided to test your browser and plug-ins for compatibility with SkillPort and the online courses.

Using SkillPort

After logging in, you will be on the home page. To find learning opportunities, click on the Catalog link to browse the Course Catalog or click on the IT & Desktop Video link to open a new window where you can find short instructional videos in the separate Books 24x7 system.

You can also use the Search function at the top of the page to search through all the content in both systems.

A course can be launched directly from Search or the Catalog listings, or you can add it to My Plan to come back to later. My Plan allows you to create a personal learning plan of the courses you wish to take.

Once you begin using the courses, you can track your use and progress in the My Progress section. Here you will see courses you have launched and still working on, as well as courses you have completed. You can also print certificates of completion.

IT & Desktop Videos

These short instructional videos, most under 5 minutes long, are accessed through a separate system called Books 24x7. When you click on the link in SkillPort, it will open in a separate tab or browser window. You will be automatically logged in to the system and can search or browse the videos by topic. After finding a video, you can view it immediately, bookmark it for later, or even download the video to watch offline.

Videos can be added to your Personal Folder in Books 24x7 so that you can come back and view them later.

If you want to add it to your add it to My Plan in SkillPort, then check the box, Add title to “My Plan”.

You can find all of these videos by searching from the SkillPort home page.

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Funding provided by the State Library of Kansas through a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.