RBdigital Media Manager for Windows-Transfer to iPod

For a version of these instructions that includes screenshots, click here to access our RBdigital NicheAcademy tutorial.

NOTICE: RBdigital Media Manager, the software required for downloading audiobooks to PC/Mac, no longer supports Protected audiobooks. If you're experiencing problems with the software, log into https://statelibraryofks.rbdigital.com and ensure that you don't have any Protected items checked out. If you do have any Protected items checked out, return those items and try using the RBdigital Media Manager again.

Getting Started

To use RBdigital, you must (a) register for an account, (b) install the Media Manager software, (c-d) set your preferences.  

A. Register for an account 

  1. Go to Library eCard Login above (or http://kslc.org) and sign in with your Kansas Library eCard.
  2. Choose the RBdigital Audiobooks Registration registration link from the Digital Book eLending section.
  3. This opens the RBdigital registration form, and you've proved you are a Kansas resident.  
    • Username: pick something easy to type and remember, do not use spaces.
    • Password: minimum of 7 characters, use letters and numbers.
    • Zip code: please provide a 5-digit zip for statistical purposes.
  4. Click the Registration button once, and wait until your name appears in the upper right side of the website (or, person icon if you are on a small screen).
B. Install the Media Manager software: 
  1. Click here to download the software, then follow all prompts from your computer to run and install it.  
  2. When the software opens, fill out the login screen:
    • Country = USA
    • Enter the username & password you created during registration.
    • Library = State Library of Kansas
    • You may choose to have the software save your login information & auto-login for future use.  
    Upon login, the software's checked out books area will be blank unless you have already checked out a book.
C. Set Preferences in the Media Manager:
Click Preferences in the upper left corner to access this screen. 
Automatically download can be set however you wish. We prefer No, as files only download when we ask them to.

Transfer Wait Time 
(red arrow) - if you get a "port sleep" or message that your transfer has timed out, turn this number up. This only seems to happen on quite older iPods. 

D. Check Setting in iTunes (often already on):  

  1. Plug your iPod into the computer & open iTunes.
  2. Click on the name/icon for your iPod (usually upper left)
  3. Choose Summary & scroll down to the Options section.
  4. Turn on the "manually manage music & videos" box. This allows the software to send the book to the device.

Check Out a Book

  1. In Media Manager, click the Browse for a title online! bar (black, upper right).  This will open the RBdigital website, where all checkouts are holds are placed.  You will be logged in automatically.  
  2. Search or browse for a book. Here's our favorite way to get something right now, but you can search/browse any way you like: 
    • Click the magnifying glass (search) in the upper right corner of the site. 
    • Choose "Advanced Search"
      • Genre - pick a subject (mystery, romance, history)
      • Availability - select "available.
    • Click search. Every book with available copies in your genre will show.  You can start looking through books now, or click  on "Sort by" and switch that to Date Added.  This puts the newest purchased books in your search first.
  3. When you have found a book, click the cover.  The book's details are shown.  
  4. Use the Checkout button (if all copies are in use, the button is Hold).  If your browser asks to download a file, click cancel.   
  5. Return to the Media Manager software.  If your new checkout does not show yet, click the Refresh button.

Transfer a Book to Your iPod

  1. connect your iPod to the computer, wait for your computer to recognize it (usually opens iTunes). 
  2. Click the Download & Transfer button for the book. If you had already downloaded the book to the computer (by selecting Play earlier or allowing the software to auto-download new checkouts), the button will be "Transfer."
  3. Select your iPod if prompted by a "device picker" box (some computers skip this). 
  4. A progress bar comes up. If the book was not already downloaded it will download the parts of the book, then transfer to the device. Do not disconnect or cancel out of the box until it says "Complete."

Play a Book on the iPod

  1. Go to the Music section on the device.
  2. Select "Playlists."  This is where you can always play the parts of the book in order.
  3. Select your book's title, and play it.

Deleting Finished Books from the iPod

  1. Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes
  2. Go to your device. Under "On this device:"
    • Music area: delete all of the individual chapters of the book.
    • Playlists area: delete the playlist name

Managing Your Books/Account

  • Limits - the Checked Out and Holds lists each have 10 spaces per person. If you are searching for books and the checkout/hold button cannot be used, check your account to see if the spaces are all full.
  • Early Return - easiest in Media Manager software - you get 21 days on a checkout, but most people do not need that long. Click the "return" button on the Media Manager for the book when you are finished, it immediately is removed from your account & is available for another person.
  • Menu (3-line button) on the RBdigital website (click the 'Browse title' in Media Manager to access the site) has: 
    • Checked Out - you can renew a book here for another 21 days. If another person is waiting on the book, you will not be able to renew it.  You can also click the X on the upper right corner of the book to return it early. Do not use the "download" button here, this is for people with computers too old to use the Media Manager software.
    • Wishlist - while browsing for books, anything you click "Wishlist" for is saved here. Use it to save books that you do not want to forget, but do not want to checkout or place a hold on at the time.
    • Holds - view your current holds to see what place you are in line, or remove any you no longer want. When it is your turn for a hold, it is checked out automatically (should appear in Media Manager) and the system will email you.
    • History - books you've checked out in the past.
    • My Profile- update your email, password, etc. 

Need help? Contact the State Library help desk ( audiobooks@ks.gov ) or call during business hours.