What Version..?

An operating system (OS) is the basic, embedded software package that makes your computer/device function!  As your computer/device ages, the operating system will slowly become outdated and no longer be able to use current software/apps properly.  This is why it can be necessary to know your device or OS version.


iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch - iOS Version

Access Settings, choose General, then "About this Device" for the version number.

Android Smartphones & Tablets

Access Settings, choose "About this device/phone/tablet" (usually at bottom of settings list) to find the version number.

Kindle Fires

Usually you only need to know the generation of Kindle Fire you own.  Please see this chart by the Love My Fire website to figure it by what your lock screen looks like, if it has a camera, etc.

Windows Computers:

What does your Start button look like? Unless you've done some special customization
10start  Windows 10 or 8 - with 8, you also have a start screen with colored tiles, this was optional on Windows 10.  Color behind the start icon depends on your personal settings. 
 7start Windows 7 or Vista - round, the Microsoft "flag." Many Vista users also have a clock in the upper right of their screen.
 Windows XP - actually says start.

Want to be certain? Hold down the Windows key (looks like Windows 10 icon above, lower left), and press the Pause/Break button (usually in top row to right side).  This will open the System Information box, and the version of Windows for your computer is the first item.

Mac Computers:

Exact number: go to the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen and click on "About this Mac."  It should show you the version number.

In general: if you have Mac 10.7 or newer, you have a blue App Store icon (not to be confused with iTunes, which is blue on older Macs). Icon will look similar to this:

  • Click the status area (where your account picture is).
  • Settings->About Chrome OS
  • The About window will show your version, you can also check for updates for your device & install them there.