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What is Total Boox
? an ebooks service where checkouts are unlimited and never expire.  For iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire (no computer use available). Total Boox has a catalog of 63,000 titles as of early July 2016. 

Reader's Advisory with Mirela Roncevic, Total Boox Director of Content
Mirela is happy to provide suggestions for in-library-marketing and help with anything posted on the full Total Boox Library Materials site. To receive her weekly newsletter, just email

Full welcome sheet:  PDF - Microsoft Word
Student flier sheet: PDF - Microsoft Word

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Total Boox (pronounced Total Books) ebook service is now available to all Kansas residents. If you found other ebook solutions difficult, this one is very easy. 
  • Availability: All ebooks are always available for reading.  No holds or wait lists.
  • Simplicity: An ebook is always just a tap away on your mobile device.
  • Unlimited: Downloaded ebooks never expire, checkout as many as you want at a time.

Login is with a Kansas Library eCard, which you can get at any public, academic, or school library in Kansas. For more about Total Boox, click here.

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