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Note: on a computer, a personal account is optional. Patron may choose "guest" to use materials without creating an account, but their place in lessons will not be saved. Mobile users must create a login to use the app properly.  Mango is the only database with a mobile app.

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With Mango Languages, you can learn over 70 languages right from your own computer (or smartphone!). Mango has courses in Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, even Biblical Hebrew, plus many more – and not only will you learn the language, you’ll learn about the culture. Mango also has courses for learning English in 19 foreign languages. To go with the Mango Language courses, there are 25 foreign language films with learning modes and subtitle options to help with language comprehension and learning.

For Talk Like a Pirate Day - see previous blog post here.
All me duty to ye, Cap'n!  September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Check out Mango Languages' mini lesson on Pirate to learn key pirate phrases and grammar.  And if Pirate isn't your style, there's over 70 other languages to learn on Mango.

Printables & Logos - the Mango Promote site has many more options for posters, bookmark, shelf talkers, and images. You may also order materials to be professionally printed or items like mugs, pens, bags.  We have customized these items with the State Library database page link: 
  • bookmark
  • small poster - 8x11 size, color
  • table tent