Kids' Storybooks

These books work directly in your browser, so there is no software to download.  Books will work on any device with an internet browser (including color eReaders). Teachers & School Librarians - please note that BookFlix cannot be used in the classroom.  See this page for more information.

How do I access BookFlix?

Most people will be able to access these books without needing to login from the Kids eBooks page or other kids' pages on our website. If your internet service address does not register you as in Kansas, you will need to login with a Kansas Library eCard.


What does it have?
Animated picture story books matched with a non-fiction book.  Each book pair may also have 2-3 games/puzzles.

Using a Book:
  • Select a subject to see the pairs of books. When you select a pair, you then can play the story or read the non-fiction book.
  • Each book's puzzles/games can be accessed after selecting a book pair.
  • Resources section in the upper right side is for parents and librarians.

Unite for Literacy

This is a freely provided resource by the Unite for Literacy campaign, and has been reviewed by librarians. Just click the logo from the Kids eBooks page.
What does it have?  
Picture eBooks with optional audio, in multiple languages. 

Using a book: 
  • All books are listed on the front page, just choose one.
  • To go from page to page, you must use the arrow button.  
  • To listen to the audio, you must use the audio button after turning the book page.
  • To access other languages, choose the "Narration" button in the upper left.