About Library Cards


Kansas Library eCard

This is the card that most Kansans need and can be obtained at any public, school, or academic library in Kansas.  It provides access to digital materials available to all Kansas residents (ebooks/audiobooks, research databases).  It is not so much a "card" as it is a login for online materials.  Your library may give you a paper card that looks similar to this, if you have an older orange card, please make sure your card is still active by using the Library eCard Login above.

Need help with your eCard?  kslc@ks.gov, or call 800-432-3919 during regular business hours. 

Have an eCard, but forgot the number?  Fill out this form and we’ll send you your information.

Other Cards

 State-Library-CardState Library of Kansas Library Card

This is a card to check out materials at the State Library of Kansas in Topeka.  In general, only state agency employees, legislators and their staff, and other people regularly in the statehouse will need the State Library of Kansas library card.

Request a card while visiting the State Library of Kansas.

Your Local Library's Card

Public library cards allow you to check out materials at that specific library.  To get a card for your local library, just visit them.  Find your local library. State Library staff do not have access to individual libraries' systems and cannot help you with that card. You will need a local library card in order to participate in Interlibrary Loan.