Great Reads From Great Places

As part of the annual National Book Festival, each state selects one book as the "Great Reads from Great Places".  Kansas always pick from our Notable Book list, and the 2020 title is Journey to a Promised Land: A Story of the Exodusters by Allison Lassieur.

journey to a promised land

Journey to a Promised Land: A Story of the Exodusters 

Written by Allison Lassieur

Published by Jolly Fish Press

Hattie Jacobs has a secret dream: to go to school to become a teacher. But her parents were formerly enslaved and are struggling to survive in Nashville, Tennessee, after Reconstruction. When the Jacobs family joins the Great Exodus of 1879 to Kansas, their journey in search of a better life is filled with danger and hardship. Will they make it to the Mississippi River unharmed? What will be waiting for them in Kansas, and will it live up to their dreams? 

Kansas Connection: Parts of the story take place in Kansas.

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