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FB_SLK-ad_01Welcome to the State Library of Kansas, with digital access to thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, and other resources - free of charge to all Kansans!


Kansas residents can enjoy and learn from a slew of online resources here at the State Library of Kansas. Whether you crave the latest bestseller, yearn to binge-read your favorite author, or have a hankering to learn a new language, you’re in the right spot!

As you explore, remember that some of these resources are only available with a State Library of Kansas eCard, which you can get  (free of charge!) by contacting your local Kansas library. 


Has your child plowed through all your books at home, watched (and rewatched!) the same shows and movies, and worn out the video game controller? With the State Library’s vast online collection of eBooks, audiobooks, databases, language learning programs and more, there’s bound to be something new for your child to get immersed in! And if your school-aged child is doing any sort of remote learning, together you can find all sorts of resources for homework and research.

To ensure access to all of the resources available, contact your local library to get your free eCard! 

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