Kansas Attorney General Opinion Index for Libraries

What is the Kansas Attorney General Opinion Index for Libraries?

The Kansas Attorney General Opinion Index for Libraries is a subject based collection of Kansas Attorney General opinions issued in response to questions of law regarding library matters in the state of Kansas. Due to the continual publication of AG opinions, the index is a living document that is updated as applicable opinions are published. 

Download the Index

Kansas Attorney General Opinion Index for Libraries.xlsx

Document updated 10/30/2023

Accessing the original opinions

Currently, the Index links to three different sources for the original language of each AG opinion. 

  • Attorney General Opinions Database (Washburn Law) [Index URLs that begin with "http://ksag"]
  • Published AG Opinions (Digitally available in the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library)  [Index URLs that begin with "http://cdm"]
  • Kansas Library Laws Blogspot (Compiled by Central Kansas Library System) [Index URLs that begin with "http://kansaslibrarylaws"]

Using KGI Links

When accessing opinions through KGI, the page number on the index contains two identifiers. Which document to access (Doc #) and the page number of said document (p. ###) 

For example, the first identifier for the AG Opinion below refers to the third document in our KGI record, this is highlighted in green. The second identifier, in red, refers to which page of the PDF document the AG opinion is found. 

AG Example 2

The corresponding document in KGI is underlined in green below. The page number of the opinion is underlined in red. 

AG Example 5AG Example 4

Special Thanks 

Special Thanks to Roger Carswell and the Southeast Kansas Library System for the original compilation of the index