Civic Holidays

Civic Holidays are nonpartisan days of action that strengthen and celebrate our country’s democracy! They bring together a wide range of organizations and communities in pursuit of an America where everyone participates and votes. Thousands of local, state, and national partners have helped millions of voters cast their ballots through fun and creative civic holiday celebrations hosted around the country every year. The holidays and important dates this year are:

To find out more about Civic Holidays, visit their website and check out the tabs below to learn how you can participate!

Libraries and Voter Engagement: The American Library Association (ALA) provides Voter Engagement Resources and Events that can help libraries create informed voters in their communities. 

  1. NVRD Sept 19th
  2. NVEW Oct 2nd-6th
  3. Vote Early Day Oct 26th
  4. Election Hero Day Nov 6th
  5. How You Can Celebrate
  6. Information For Voters
  7. Printable Voter Registration Info


National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating our democracy. Since 2012, over 5 million people have registered to vote on the holiday. Every September, volunteers and organizations from all over the country work together in a single day of coordinated field, technology, and media efforts in celebration of NVRD. 

NVRD is on September 19th and thousands of groups around the country will be hosting voter registration drives and other events. To find out more about NVRD and how you can participate here in Kansas, go to their website and check out the "How You Can Participate" tab above!

Governor Kelly signed a proclamation making September 19th, 2023 Kansas Voter Registration Day. See pictures and proclamation transcript below.

Image of the signed Governor's Proclamation for Kansas Voter Registration Day

[Signing Ceremony Image from L to R: Ray Walling, State Librarian; Carla Rivas-DAmico, Kansas Hispanic American Affairs Commission; Governor Laura Kelly; Leah Grote, State Library of Kansas Reference Librarian; Stacey Knoell, Kansas African American Affairs Commission; Lissa Staley, Topeka Shawnee County Public Library Outreach Librarian]

State of Kansas Proclamation By the Governor


WHEREAS, National Voter Registration Day is a nationwide, nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating our democracy; and

WHEREAS, National Voter Registration Day highlights resources to help local communities locate and share information about registration and participation in the democratic process; and

WHEREAS, National Voter Registration Day supports community work to make people aware of voter registration and participation opportunities so that voters don’t find themselves unable to cast their ballot on election day; and

WHEREAS, data from 2022 shows that while 73% of Kansans were registered to vote, just 57% voted that year; and

WHEREAS, libraries and other community groups are encouraged to participate in National Voter Registration Day by hosting registration drives, planning civic engagement events, and sharing voter registration information on their websites and social media accounts; and

WHEREAS, resources for voter participation for all Kansans including individuals with disabilities, active military, and non-English speakers, are also available through the State Library of Kansas, Kansas libraries and community organizations, and state agencies via their websites, social media, and some on-site locations.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Laura Kelly, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, do hereby proclaim, September 19, 2023 as

Kansas Voter Registration Day

in the state of Kansas and I urge all citizens to join in this observation.