Summer Reading 2017


Adults and older youth - checkout our blog's summer reading highlight post for information on our Skill Builders resource and links to architecture ebooks.

Click a title below to go directly to it on either Scholastic BookFlix or Britannica E-STAX. Any promoted title will be available through the summer for easy storytime use, new book added every Friday morning.

Book of the Week

  1. backhoes
     I'm Dirty / Backhoes Set
    (BookFlix storybook & nonfiction pair)

    Video storybook has a backhoe explaining all its parts and how it works. Read the ebook afterwards for more details and photos instead of illustrations.
  2. whatsitmade
     What Is It Made Of?
     (Britannica E-STAX ebook)

    Can you tell the difference between things made of wood, plastic, and metal? Librarians and parents, this would be a great book to read along with an activity board of different items.
  3. appleseed
     Johnny Appleseed
    (BookFlix story & nonfiction pair)

    Did you know Johnny Appleseed was a real person? He planted apple trees to feed the community just as he spread kindness to his neighbors. There's so many ways to build a better world!
  4. buildingshapes   Building with Shapes (Britannica E-STAX ebook)

    There are shapes everywhere you look. Explore the names of shapes and what you can do with them.