State Library of Kansas Board

Board Meeting Location Capitol Building 300 south west 10th avenue room 281-north topeka kansas 6661

The State Library of Kansas Advisory Board will meet on the following dates in 2023:

  • March 1 (Zoom)
  • June 9 (Hybrid)
  • September 29 (Hybrid)
  • December 8 (Zoom)

Agendas & Minutes

View our Agendas and Minutes.

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The December 2022 meeting was conducted via Zoom. View the recording.

The September 2022 meeting was conducted via Zoom. View the recording.

The July  2022 special meeting was conducted via Zoom. View the recording.

The June 2022 meeting was conducted via Zoom. View the recording.

The March 2022 meeting was conducted via Zoom. View the recording.

Links to older recorded meetings


  • Bill Brady, Representing General Public
  • Ann Adrian, Representing Public Library Trustee
  • Randy Roberts, Representing Regents Librarians
  • Rhoda MacLaughlin-Ramirez, Representing Community College Librarians
  • Susan Moyer, Representing KS Federation of Women
  • Tom Taylor, Representing Public Librarians
  • Gloria Creed-Dikeogu, Representing Private College Librarians
  • Steven Waugh, Representing General Public
  • Leslie Weishaar, Representing School Librarians
  • Richard Brookman, Representing Library Systems
  • Kimberly Beets, Representing Special Librarians

Ex-officio Members

  • Steve Funk, Ex Officio, Kansas Board of Regents Designee
  • Kyle Lord, Ex Officio, Kansas Department of Education Designee
  • Ray Walling, Ex Officio, State Librarian

About the Board

The State Library of Kansas Board was created by Statute (K.S.A. 75-2546) in 2007.

Eleven of fourteen members are appointed by the governor, including seven professional librarians. Ex officio members are the executive officer of the board of regents and the commissioner of education (or their designees) and the state librarian.

By law, the board shall:

  • Advocate for statewide library services and resources, encouraging cooperation among libraries and promoting and encouraging innovative library services
  • Advise and counsel the state librarian on policies and management and the state library strategic plan
  • Review and approve the annual plans of regional systems of cooperating libraries
  • Perform such other duties and functions as provided by law
  • Recommend statewide priorities for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing

Board Overview

Membership consists of seven professional librarians, a trustee of a public library, two representatives of the general public and one qualified member of the Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Additionally, the board includes the Executive Officer of the Board of Regents, the Commissioner of Education, and the State Librarian as ex officio members. Members will serve four-year terms.