Public Library Statistics

  1. KS Public Library Survey & State Report

    Annually, each Kansas Public Library completes the Public Library Survey and State Report. Login information and survey questions provided.

  2. Statistical Data & Reports

    Results of the annual public library surveys from 2003 through the present. Spreadsheets with the data are also available upon request.

  1. Collecting Statistics

    Helpful resources to assist in the ongoing task of gathering statistics in order to make reporting more efficient and easier.

  2. Using Statistics

    Helpful resources to assist in the use of statistics collected and reported in order to improve library services.

Completion of the annual KS Public Library Survey/State Report and a demonstrated Maintenance of Effort is required in order for a KS public library to be eligible to receive State Aid. More information available at- 

Kansas Public Libraries at a Glance

FY2013- All Tables and State Rankings
FY2014- Some information currently available

Source: Institute of Museum and Library Services, Public Libraries in the United States Fiscal Year 2013