Floating Collections

Floating Collections sailing into the sunset

After nearly 10 years, it's time to wind down the Floating Collections project. The wind-down will take place from September 1 to October 30, 2020. This applies to Playaways, Bookpacks, Views and Launchpads; StoryPacks (the backpacks with books, toys, games etc for child care providers) will be dealt with separately.

1. As of September 1, stop requesting Floating collection material in SHAREit.
a) For libraries whose catalogs we access directly, AG will remove their holdings from Floating Playaway records in Kansas Main; the records will remain until October 30 so libraries can download them to their local catalog, if needed.
b) For libraries whose holdings only appear in Kansas Main, use the regular add/edit/delete locations tool to modify your Floating Collection holdings.

2. If your library has Floating Playaway materials you want to add to your collection, go ahead & relabel the containers, attach barcodes, assign your own call numbers, etc. We do request that you make these available as regular returnable ILL items if requested. Libraries whose holdings are in Kansas Main should change the call number (removing the word Floating is sufficient).

3. If your library has Floating Playaway materials that you *don't* want to add to your collection, but are still usable, send a list to KANILL-L@lists.ku.edu (*not* KANLIB-L) with the following information:
*type of device - Playaway, Bookpack, View, Launchpad
*(opt) audience/genre
*contact information for the person at your library
*(opt) if you prefer to send via courier only

When you get takers for your items, send them to their new homes. Make sure that you send all accessories (cases, cords, chargers, but not batteries & earbuds for regular Playaways) with the items. You don't need create ILL requests or notify the state library of these transactions. You can resend information for unclaimed items to KANILL occasionally until the end of October.

4. If you're the recipient of re-homed Playaways, add to your collection as per #2. If you need MARC records for these items, feel free to download them from Kansas Main and add to your local catalog.

5. If you have Floating Playaway items that are unclaimed or unusable, discard and/or recycle as per your local guidelines. Usable devices can be added to your book sale if all State Library markings are obliterated. Cases for regular Playaways and Views have a recycle triangle on their spines; cases for Launchpads are not recyclable, as far as we know. Devices, cords and chargers may be accepted by your local electronics and/or hazardous materials recycler, but check with them to be sure. Please do NOT return them to the state library.

6. After 10/30/2020, all MARC records with no remaining holders will be removed from Kansas Main.

7. The state library will maintain a small collection of chargers, cords, cases, etc. that can be sent out; once that supply is exhausted, libraries can order directly from Findaway.

Thanks for participating in this project over the last 10 years!