Floating Collection Best Practices

How to get Floating Collection materials into your library

You can find all of the Floating Collection materials available by searching in the Kansas Main Catalog for ‘floating playaway’ in All Headings or Notes or 'storypack' in All Headings. Add keywords from the author and/or title to narrow the search. Create an ILL request; when the lender answers SHIPPED, the holder on Kansas Main changes to your library. These requests can be at the behest of a local user or you can just create a bunch to get them into your library.

What to do with Floating Collection materials in your library

Floating Playaways will come with a spine label and band identifying them as part of this project. We request that you process them as lightly as possible; if you need to assign a barcode, put it on a card or something removable rather than attaching to the Playaway itself.

If your library's catalog is a Z target, make your local call number distinguishable from the call number in the Kansas Main Catalog (which look like 'Floating FPC####'). That way, we can tell if an ILL request is pulling your holding from Kansas Main or from your local catalog.

You can download MARC records for Floating Playaways from Kansas Main if you want full records for your local catalog. You can also create brief records; SEKLS is doing a single ‘Floating Playaway’ record and adding individual titles as item records on that bib record. If you put records for Floating Playaways in your local catalog, be sure to delete or mask the record if your last copy goes out on ILL.

You can shelve Floating Playaways with other audio materials or as a separate browsing collection. Your patrons can find them by searching your local catalog, seeing them in a browsing area, or you can use a printed list.

Findaway (the company that produces Playaways) has promotional material you can customize for local publicity; see http://library.circulationstation.com/.

While each Playaway audio player was originally shipped with a AAA battery & earbuds, by the time you receive them, those items will probably no longer be in the case. It's up to you whether or not to provide batteries when checking out locally; we recommend you don’t include those when sending Floating Playaways out on ILL. Views (video players) and Launchpads (learning tablets) come with internal rechargeable batteries and a charging cord.

Floating StoryPacks can be used in-house or circulated to local childcare providers, schools, and patrons. Whenever StoryPacks are received from or sent to another library, or circulated locally, check the contents list on the hang tag against what is actually in the bag. Missing or damaged parts should be reordered from tbook@nwkls.org .

Sending Floating Collection materials on ILL

Floating Collection materials should only be sent to another library as a result of a KICNET ILL request. If you're part of a shared regional catalog that allows holds on partner libraries' material, DON'T send Floating materials out as a ‘fill hold’; instead, ask the requesting library to submit a KICNET ILL request so that the holder can be properly identified.

We have multiple copies of many Floating Playaways and StoryPacks, so watch the call numbers in the incoming request; if you have multiple copies, make sure you send the correct one.

When you answer SHIPPED on KICNET, the holding library in Kansas Main changes to the borrower. Don't forget to update your local catalog!

If sending Floating Collection materials on the courier, please put some extra protection around them before enclosing the the courier bag. Floating StoryPacks should be enclosed in a tub or box - don't just attach the courier label to the outside of the purple backpack!

The State Library sends a hot pink bookslip alerting the borrower that the Floating Playaway stays at their library when their patron is finished with it. If the borrowing library returns it to you, send it back to them with a note explaining that since the KLC shows them as the holder, the item needs to stay there. If it's something you'd like to have in your collection again (at least temporarily), you can create an ILL request to that library and ask them to respond SHIPPED so that the holder in Kansas Main will change back to your library.

Defective or Lost Floating Collection materials

If Floating Playaways are defective or lost, complete the Defective or Lost Playaways form and return the form and device to the State Library. Information for the return procedure is discussed within the form. The damaged or lost item will either be withdrawn or replaced.

Please try fresh batteries in regular Playaways and a different charger with Views and Launchpads before returning. If you need new chargers, those can be supplied at no charge.

How to count Floating Collection materials in ILL statistics

When counting Floating Collection requests (either lending or borrowing) for the state ILL statistics report, count them as copies (non-returnables). StoryPacks and Playaway Bookpacks should count as a single transaction, even though each bag contains multiple items.

What if we want to pass the Floating material to another library?

Some libraries choose to do this because they've had a particular item for a long time, it is no longer checking out, or they've ended up with more floating items in their library than they have space for. The best way to do that is:

1. Send a message to KANILL-L@lists.ku.edu with a GENERAL description of what you have (10 mystery, 5 YA, etc.) and ask for interested libraries to let you know what they'd like.

2. Once one or more libraries has expressed interest, let them know the titles and FPC numbers of what you have as well as your library code. They should then create an ILL request from the record in Kansas Main and remove all other lenders except your library. Once you say SHIPPED to that request, the holding will change to the other library and it will be out of your hair.

As with any Floating Collection request, it is ESSENTIAL that the request start from the record in Kansas Main, otherwise the request will go as a regular returnable ILL. If you notice that the holding in Kansas Main didn't change to the requesting library, ask them to complete the first request (Receive/Return/Check In) and start again with the record from Kansas Main.