Book Discussion Group Sets

This page is a resource for librarians; if you're a discussion group leader or participant looking to borrow book sets, please contact your local library for assistance.

This page contains a downloadable Excel spreadsheet with sets of books available to book discussion groups served by Kansas libraries. Once downloaded, you can sort and search the spreadsheet as you wish.

Book Discussion Sets Spreadsheet  (Last updated November 22, 2019)

For specific information about a library's policies regarding lending of their sets, click on the library tab in the spreadsheet. 

To add information about your library's book discussion group sets, please use the following forms:
You can also submit information about your sets by sending an email with an attached spreadsheet containing 4 columns:

  1. Number of copies in your set
  2. Author name (last name first)
  3. Title (please omit initial articles A, An, The)
  4. Notes (specifically about special formats, reading levels, etc. that are part of your set)
Please indicate if the spreadsheet is in ADDITION to sets already listed for your library or REPLACES the information we already have. 

To remove a set your library no longer owns, or change information about existing sets, please email the State Library of Kansas.

TALK Discussion Sets

Northwest Kansas Library System hosts a large number of TALK (Talk About Literature in Kansas) discussion sets provided by Humanities Kansas. For more information, or to order, please see the following:


Humanities Kansas TALK page