L. Frank Baum Celebration

During the month of May 2014, the State Library is encouraging libraries around the state to host a celebration in honor of L. Frank Baum's birthday (May 15th). L. Frank Baum is the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  1. Pinterest- Wizard of Oz Board (Wamego Public Library)


  2. Storytime- Wizard of Oz theme (Sunflower Storytime)


  3. Social Media Trivia Questions (.pdf)- Wizard of Oz (Wamego Public Library)

    Q:What day is L. Frank Baum’s birthday? A:May 15th, 1856 Q:What does the ‘L’ stand for in L. Frank Baum? A:Lyman –which he greatly disliked! Q:True or False: Baum lived in Kansas at some point during his lifetime. A:False –Baum’s descriptions of Kansas are based on his experiences living in South Dakota Q:What year was the book the Wonderful Wizard of Oz published? A:1900 Q:What type of flower caused Dorothy, Toto,and the Cowardly Lion to fall asleep? A:Poppy Q:Finish this movie quote by the Wicked Witch of the West, “Ring around the rosie, pocket full of ________.” A:Spears Q:Most of us are familiar with Dorothy's ruby red slippers from the movie, but what color were they in the book? A:Silver. They were changed to red to make them appealing in Technicolor Q:Where did L. Frank Baum say that he cameup with the name ‘Oz’? A:He saw a filing cabinet with the label O -Z(Correct Answer) Q:What was Judy Garland’s real name? A:Frances Ethel Gumm

  4. Map of Kansas Literature (Washburn University)


  5. The David J. Williams III L. Frank Baum Collection

    Kansas State University Morse Department of Special Collections: David J. Williams III of Richmond, Kentucky, collected the works of L. Frank Baum almost his entire life. In addition to Baum's works, Williams collected books published in the Oz universe by other writers such as Ruth Plumley Thompson and John R. Neill. The David J. Williams III, L. Frank Baum Collection is one of the finest private collections of its kind ever assembled. Over 600 volumes of books--including some from Baum's own library and several signed by Baum--make up the collection, placing it among the top research collections of its kind in academic libraries in the United States. For more information please contact Roger Adams, Special Collections Librarian and Rare Books specialist: rcadams@ksu.edu

  6. Guest Speaker

    J. Basil Dannebohm, an Ellinwood, KS native, is available to speak at your event and has a presentation entitled: L. Frank Baum and the Lasting Legacy of Oz. For more information visit: http://dannebohm.com/goto/schedulinginformation