Edward Wallis Hoch (1905-1909)

hoch ew

Politician, Governor

Born: 17 March 1849, Danville, Kentucky
Died:1 June 1925, Marion, Kansas

Governor's Message, 1905
Governor's Message, 1907
Governor's Message, 1908

Born in Danville, Kentucky, on March 17, 1849, Edward Hoch first moved to Kansas in 1871. Within three years he had settled in Marion where he published the Record and earned a reputation as one of the state's leading journalists. Although a loyal Republican, Hoch split with some of the old party leaders and advocated a number of progressive reforms during the early 1900s. Hoch, a former state legislator, served two eventful terms in the statehouse (1905-1909). He died in Marion on June 1, 1925.

Governor biographies courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.