Walter Roscoe Stubbs (1909-1913)

stubbswalter roscoe

Politician, Governor

Born: 7 November 1858, Wayne County, Indiana
Died: 25 March 1929, Topeka, Kansas

Governor's Message, 1909
Address to the House of Representatives, 1909
Governor's Message, 1911
Address to the House of Representatives, 1911

Walter R. Stubbs was born in Wayne County, Indiana, on November 7, 1858. At the age of eleven, he moved to Douglas County with his family. Stubbs built a very successful railroad construction business and was a millionaire before he became involved in state politics. Soon after he entered the state legislature in 1902, Stubbs emerged as the dominant leader of the progressive wing of the Republican Party.

Near the end of his second term as governor, Stubbs won his party's nomination for the U. S. Senate but lost the general election in November 1912. The former governor died in Topeka on March 25, 1929.

Governor biographies courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.