2014 Gaming in Libraries

Each Kansas public library is allowed up to $450 for the purchase of video game consoles. This is a non-competitive grant funded through the LSTA grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services. Kansas public libraries that wish to participate in the grant may do so.  This specific grant is available until the given due date and is not designed to be an annual offering.

To provide financial assistance to libraries as they develop young adult programming and services involving gaming. The goal is for libraries to attract a group of users ages 12-18, encourage an increase in regular teen visits to their local public library and increase the library’s role as a community hub.

Applications due June 13th, 2014

Terms and Conditions
This grant is designed for gaming consoles including companion accessories desired. Funds used towards the purchase of a monitor are allowed, if a console is also purchased. No grant funds may be used to purchase games unless part of a console bundle package.  

A match from the individual library is strongly encouraged, which could include game purchases. Individual libraries are encouraged to select appropriately rated games based on local policies.

Any additional equipment or accessories purchased will be at the library’s expense. The State Library of Kansas assumes no liability for damages associated with the gaming console we assist in the purchase of.

Library must agree to the terms listed within the Grant and Subgrant Eligibility Policy

Any consoles and/or monitors purchased with grant must have IMLS acknowledgment, which will be provided by the State Library in the form of a label to affix.


  • Submit application by deadline June 13th, 2014
  • Receive confirmation of successful application from SLK
  • Purchase items and provide invoices to SLK by deadline August 1 , 2014
  • Sign and return to SLK the contract and assurances no later than August  15, 2014
  • SLK distribution of funds in the form of reimbursement
  • Submit evaluation responses (total of 2) by September 1, 2014 and March 1, 2015

Each library will be required to provide two brief evaluations regarding the integrated use of the gaming console for programming and services. An online evaluation will be sent immediately following grant distributions and another follow-up online evaluation made available 6 months after distribution of funds.

To assist in completion, plan to provide the following:

  • Average attendance of young adults in the library prior to implementation of gaming console
  • Solicit teen feedback periodically and share a brief summary of responses
  • Provide a short description and attendance for newly created programming, if applicable

Special Notes
Gaming consoles provided by the grant are allowed to be used for programming for any age group.

Verify that your Library Policy references gaming in the library activities. Suggested places for addition include the computer use policy section and, for games, the collection development/selection portion.