Get started- Introduction to the Internet

Internet Basics - The internet is a worldwide network of computers all connected to each other by telephone lines, cables and satellites.  Safety is important when connecting to the internet. To protect your computer from viruses you can get virus protection software. To prevent someone accessing your computer when you are connected to the internet you should have a firewall.

Search Better - All the information in the world is online, but sometimes a simple Google Search doesn't give you the results you want. These modules will show you how to effectively find information online and evaluate its quality, thus improving your information literacy. Has a section on how to read a webpage.
Navigating a Website - An introduction to websites, finding a website, and the parts of a website.

Basic Search - Never used a search engine before? This class will help you learn to search the internet. We will also cover some advanced search tools and advertisements in search.

Use Information Correctly - Plagiarism and copyright abuse have increased greatly as more and more people are producing content online. Learn how to use information correctly to create quality content while protecting the intellectual property of others.