September 2020 Meeting Packet

1. Call to Order
2. Agenda Approval
3. Introduction of Board Members
    a. Bill Brady, representing the General Public
4. Public Comment
5. Approval of June 12 Meeting Minutes
6. Board Reports
7. State Librarian Report
8. Standards for KS Public Libraries 2020-2024
    a. Michael McDonald, NEKLS Asst. Director
9. Regional Library Systems
    a. NEKLS: Courier Report
    b. SWKLS: Director Dismissal
10. SLK Department Overview
    a. Purpose and Planning – Eric Norris
    b. Director of Reference – Cindy Roupe
    c. Director of Statewide Services – Jeff Hixon
    d. Director of Kansas Talking Books – Michael Lang
    e. LSTA and State Data Coordinator – Alice Smith
11. Adjournment