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Sep 19

Stamp collecting is a fun and easy hobby!

Posted to FDLP Highlights by Tracey Boswell

Stamp collecting is a fun hobby! You can choose to collect whatever you like; racecars, Disney, mountains, calligraphy, Kansas, triangle shaped stamps, red stamps, Forever stamps, stamps with famous people, Christmas themes, cartoon characters,  stamps from other countries, new stamps, old stamps, or postage collectibles.  This blog features the United States Postal Service and other resources for stamp collecting. 

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Jul 15

Kansas Primary Voter Guide

Posted to From the Reference Desk... by Dakota Heard

This post contains useful voter information for the 2022 Kansas Primary on August 2nd. 

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Jun 09

Helping our communities move forward

Posted to From the Third Floor - State Librarian's Office by Holly Hutchinson

The events of the last six months have been startling both professionally and personally, and continue daily to take my breath away.  I have been unsure how to respond across a large platform but I have had many interpersonal conversations with Kansas residents and with librarians across the state and nation. 

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