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Jan 14

Service to the Public

Posted on January 14, 2020 at 3:20 PM by Eric Norris

In 2002, my career in public libraries began part-time on evenings and weekends behind the front desk of the Hays Public Library, as I started working toward my master’s degree at FHSU.  Honestly, I was not entirely sure what I was going to do with a master’s degree in English, but with all the confidence needed by anyone approaching an education in liberal arts, I was positive I would find something interesting and engaging.  Until then, it was going to be part-time on evenings and weekends.

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Aug 08

Library Safety - Gun Violence

Posted on August 8, 2019 at 11:30 AM by Eric Norris

Mass shootings are becoming a far to common event.  Do you know what to do if something terrible erupts in your library?

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May 22

Librarians' Guide to the 2020 Census from ALA

Posted on May 22, 2019 at 10:23 AM by Eric Norris

Census Day is April 1, 2020 – Be Informed and Be Ready!

Census Guide

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