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Sep 11

Libraries and Gardens (2019)

Posted on September 11, 2019 at 1:01 PM by Brian Herder

Libraries and Gardens

Libraries and Gardens: Growing Together (2019)

Carrie Banks and Cindy Mediavilla

American Library Association


Roman philosopher Cicero once remarked that “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Today, libraries nationwide are beginning to incorporate gardens into their public services. Libraries in the southwestern US, for instance, are creating drought-tolerant gardens as neighborhood demonstration projects, while elsewhere gardens are being used to promote community engagement and even STEM learning. Citing examples of library gardens around the world that are thriving, this first-ever book on the subject not only demonstrates the many benefits of library gardens but also provides a complete overview of issues applicable to all library types and geographical environments. Featuring a full-color photo insert showcasing several beautiful library gardens, among the topics covered in the book are

  • a brief history of libraries and gardens, with an overview of such “demonstration gardens” as medicinal and herbal gardens, native plant gardens, xeriscapes, and gardens as wildlife sanctuaries;
  • the use of plants, such as living walls and rooftop gardens, to create ecologically healthy, sustainable environments;
  • gardens as learning environments and spaces for storytimes and active play;
  • food gardens, seed libraries, sensory gardens, outdoor reading areas, prison garden programs, and many other ways that libraries can engage communities;
  • guidance on designing for inclusivity, planning, funding, staffing, recruiting volunteers, and planting and maintenance, complete with advice on determining the best plants to cultivate; and
  • ideas on evaluating the effectiveness of library gardens and the program opportunities they offer.

Readers will not only be inspired to create and nurture their own library gardens and programs, they will receive practical advice on how to proceed and sustain them.

Sep 11

Recipes for Mindfulness in Your Library (2019)

Posted on September 11, 2019 at 1:01 PM by Brian Herder

Recipes for Mindfulness in Your Library

Recipes for Mindfulness in Your Library (2019)

Madeleine Charney, Jenny Colvin, and Richard Moniz (eds.)

ALA Editions 2019


Mindfulness not only offers the possibility of a healthy life/career balance for librarians themselves, but in challenging times of rapid social change and uncertainty, it also represents a powerful way to build community resilience. In fact, mindfulness experiences can be structured to nurture the kind of civic engagement and discourse essential for library support. This collection explores a wide range of approaches that demonstrate how librarians have integrated mindfulness into their teaching, collections, services, programming, spaces, partnerships, and professional development. An inspirational idea generator for library administrators, marketers, and outreach staff, in this book the contributors delve into such mindful activities as

  • using a work journal to practice reflective writing;
  • mindful strategies for leading library teams;
  • yoga and meditation groups at public libraries;
  • helping students destress with a library Zen Zone;
  • deploying digital resources to promote mindfulness;
  • mindful scholarship at Minneapolis College; and
  • overcoming research anxiety using a mindful approach.

As more librarians commit to individual and sustained reflection and practices in their own lives, those approaches can expand to include the communities they serve. This collection offers more than a dozen in-depth examples of mindfulness in action.

Sep 11

Book Club Reboot: 71 Creative Twists (2019)

Posted on September 11, 2019 at 1:01 PM by Brian Herder

Book Club Reboot

Book Club Reboot: 71 Creative Twists (2019)

Sarah Ostman and Stephanie Saba

ALA Editions


Is your book club feeling stale or uninspired? Has attendance dropped, or are you struggling to keep your patrons engaged? What you need is a reboot. This resource published in cooperation with ALA’s Public Programs Office profiles dozens of successful book clubs across the country. Its diverse cross-section of ideas will inspire you to rethink your reading groups and try out new ways to better meet your library’s and community’s needs. Drawn from responses collected through social media, electronic mailing lists, e-newsletters, websites, as well as the authors’ own research, this book

  • outlines the main reasons that traditional book clubs can grow stagnant over time and offers concrete advice on how to change things up;
  • shares such real-world initiatives as a “walk and talk” book club, book clubs held in non-library spaces like ferries and bars, a discussion group for presidential history buffs, programming for people with developmental disabilities, a partnership with a health clinic network, and many others;
  • includes programs from a wide range of library types (public, school, academic) and sizes;
  • features short, easily scannable chapters that are convenient for browsing; and
  • provides a handy list of resources for additional information.

You’ll find the keys to creating a book club your community will love among the abundance of ideas offered in this book.