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This blog provides links to current resources to help you find what is new and noteworthy in the state of Kansas. State Library staff will highlight a topic of specific interest and supply links to important news and services in the state of Kansas.

Apr 12

April is Financial Literacy Month

Posted on April 12, 2022 at 9:06 AM by Tracey Boswell

The State Library of Kansas has updated the financial literacy pages on its website to provide links to people of all ages. These are a collection of governmental, not-for-profit, and commercial websites.

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May 05

Road Tripping Around Kansas: Resources to Help Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week

Posted on May 5, 2021 at 3:21 PM by Sarah Tenfelde-Dubois

Today Governor Laura Kelly signed a proclamation declaring May 2-8 as National Travel and Tourism Week. That being said, the State Library of Kansas has several books that might help you plan a weekend road trip to some fun destination right here in Kansas, even if you don’t get the trip in during this week.

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Apr 27

Helpful Resources for Following the Kansas Legislature, Part 5

Posted on April 27, 2021 at 12:08 PM by Brian Herder

Welcome back to another segment in this series on resources for following the Kansas Legislature … with a little help from your friends at the State Library.

Next week, on May 3 the Legislature returns for the Veto Session.  According to SCR 1613 the Legislature could be in session until May 11.

What happens during the Veto Session?

  • The Legislature has the opportunity to consider and override any vetoes the governor may have signed. See page 119 in Legislative Procedure Manual for information on how many days the legislature has to reconsider the bill and the number of votes needed for an override.

  • Other unfinished business. Conference Committees operate a bit differently than standing committees. Again, the Legislative Procedure Manual on page 103 is very helpful for understanding these committees.

To see a summary of what has passed so far this year, visit KLRD’s online First Supplement and Preliminary Summary of Legislation .

Any Questions? You can contact a reference librarian at the State Library by phone, email or chat at A convenient chat link can be found at the bottom of