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Jun 19

Worth a second look: Gale Cengage

Posted on June 19, 2017 at 1:37 PM by Jeff Hixon

From time to time, we like to draw attention to our growing list of archived webinar recordings. Maybe you missed one you had your heart set on joining, thought "I'll just catch the recording later!" - and then it got away from you.

This time, we're looking at an overview of our offerings from Gale Cengage Learning, presented by trainer Emily Mageski on January 12.

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Jun 02

Summer Kids Book of the Week

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 12:06 PM by Lianne Flax

This summer the State Library will (again) be providing easy access to a Kids Book of the Week from our summer reading page. The new title will be posted on Friday mornings to the page, our Facebook, and Twitter for easy sharing and use in storytimes if you wish, then remain linked there through the summer.

No login is needed as long as you access the books from the SRP page (short link:! All of the books promoted are used in the internet browser, there is no need to setup apps or download files to enjoy these books. The first is posted and available on the page now.

Reminders that these are available will be posted to Kanlib-L every Friday morning. If you have not yet joined the Kansas Library listserv, see notes here.
May 19

Digital Books: Webinar Archives

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 12:29 PM by Lianne Flax

The spring Digital Book webinars are now complete, so we’re detailing the notes and archives. During most of the sessions we put this Digital Book FAQ sheet in the chat.

Youth Digital Books: Britannica E-STAX, Tumblebooks, BookFlix
Archive - Powerpoint slides
Reminders and News:
  • Summer Reading Kids Book of the Week will start June 2.
  • Tumblebooks has been working on an *optional* mobile app (mostly for smartphones). We will let you know when this is set up and provide further information. 
  • Reminder: BookFlix & Tumblebooks are the public library subscription only and schools should not use them in lessons/curriculum. E-STAX is school-friendly! More information here.
eBooks: Freading & Total Boox
Archive - Powerpoint slides
New in the last year from these systems:
  • Total Boox –began experimenting with ebooks containing audio. There’s very few of these titles, but it is a good start on their goal of one day including more materials of this kind and having regular audiobooks as well. See this shelf of Oxford abridged classics if you would like to check one out and try it.
  • Freading
    • Added the ability to sort categories and sub-categories by latest arrival to show newest books first. 
    • Can generate local stats from the KSLC now. See Librarians->Digital Books->Statistics for a year to date spreadsheet. Other ebook vendors have not finished this work yet.
eBooks: Cloud Library & Enki Library
Archive - Powerpoint slides
New in the last year from these systems:
  • Cloud Library
    • Name change last fall from 3M Cloud Library to Cloud Library. 
    • Addition of ChromeBook app. 
    • Addition of Online Reader (access point for anyone without an app/software option). 
  • Enki Library: 
    • Adding more always available collections (unlimited copies) like Dark Horse Graphic Novels, Library Journal Self-E Select. 
    • Building a SimplyE for Enki members (one ebooks app that would show books from all vendors we have, no need for multiple ebooks apps). Still on the horizon but getting closer all of the time.
Audiobooks: OneClickdigital
Archive - Powerpoint slides
Big News: this summer Recorded Books will rename all of their digital platforms to RBdigital (OneClickdigital, Zinio) AND there will be a large update to the mobile apps. Skip forward to time marker 20:05 on the archive to see just this information explained. Current timeline for these changes is mid-June, expect more details from us soon.