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Jun 29

KPERS information for 2015

Posted on June 29, 2020 at 3:07 PM by Jeff Hixon

KPERS blog

The 2015 Kansas Legislative session involved much discussion about KPERS, the Kansas public employees' retirement system. Quite a few KPERS-related bills were proposed. The KPERS bill that generated the most interest during session, HB 2253, was not passed this year, but remains alive for the 2016 session. In the end two KPERS-related bills passed: Senate Sub for HB 2095 and SB 228.

Below are KPERS-related links to documents and resources that may prove helpful. First is the text for Senate Sub for HB 2095 and SB 228, along with their respective "Summaries of Legislation" published by the non-partisan Kansas Legislative Research Department.

After the 2015 legislation are links to the KPERS website and various KPERS documents and PDFs explaining KPERS-based retirement planning and issues.


Senate Sub for HB 2095
Senate Sub for HB 2095 (Summary of Legislation)

SB 228
SB 228 (Summary of Legislation)

KPERS Home Page

Working After Retirement Flowchart, based on 2015 Legislation

KPERS Steps to Retire

Getting Ready to Retire: Your KPERS Pre-Retirement Planning Guide

KPERS Pre-Retirement Presentation

Getting Ready to Retire: Your KP&F Pre-Retirement Planning Guide

KP&F Pre-Retirement Presentation

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