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Mar 08

Let’s grow something!

Posted on March 8, 2022 at 9:28 AM by Tracey Boswell


Warmer days, more sunshine. Is spring fever getting to you? Maybe you want to plan for a garden this year. The possibilities are endless! 

Do you like garden flowers for cutting or to attract bees, potted herbs on your porch, or a small (or big) vegetable garden? Gardening can be a fun family activity, good exercise, grocery bill saving, and a way to connect to nature. The United States Department of Agriculture has some tips at the National Agriculture Library to help you get started. 

According to the USDA Plant Hardiness maps, most of Kansas is in climate zone 6, except the northern border which is zone 5. Zone 6 is ideal for hundreds of flowers and vegetables. Just be sure to wait until after the last frost!Basket of garden produce

 During World War II Americans were encouraged to grow their own food, saving the major crops for military use. These home gardens, or Victory Gardens, were tended by Americans in their own yards or community spaces. For more information see the Kansas State Library blog Victory Gardens and Wartime Activities in Kansas.

Grow it yourself

Grow it Yourself, Plan a Farm Garden Now

Herbert Bayer, NYC WPA War Services

Between 1941 and 1943

  If you want know how to start a garden you could follow the advice from K-State Research and Extension.  They have all the steps for beginner gardeners and tips for experienced gardeners.

Any way you choose to garden, you will be rewarded with fresh air, sunshine, and plants!


 For more information on these and other resources contact the Reference Department of the State Library of Kansas or 785-296-2149