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Apr 12

April is Financial Literacy Month

Posted on April 12, 2022 at 9:06 AM by Tracey Boswell

Not a day goes by when we don't spend money or think about money. We all need to earn, save, invest, and spend; but how do we know the best ways to do those things? To help you make these decisions, the State Library of Kansas has updated the financial literacy pages on its website. They feature a collection of governmental, not-for-profit, and commercial websites with informative  links for all ages.  Here is a sampling of what you will find there.

In the Youth (K-12) section, you will discover fun games at the U.S. Mint site for for kids to play. Game types range from coin toss to video games. You can also learn about coins, coin collecting, and get coloring pages for special coins and state quarters.Coloring page of Kansas quarter

The Kansas State Quarter issued in 2005

The Post-secondary page has the links to money basics, The My Money Five from There are also links to university resources and applying for federal student aid. 

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Smart About Money (SAM), located on the Adults and Families page, has a life values quiz to guide users in understanding how their underlying values drive their financial decisions. It is from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

For retirement planning, users can view My Retirement Paycheck to learn about social security, mortgage, insurance, savings, and investments. This link will help readers learn to be more financially secure.hand using a calculator

It seems like there is a new scam alert in the news daily. People get scammed out of a small or large amount of their money regularly. There is a selected list in the Financial Literacy page of sites which can help users learn about and avoid financial scams. 

So whether you want to help your children learn about money, evaluate your own situation, or avoid scammers, the State Library of Kansas Financial Literacy pages have something for you.