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Jul 28

Updates to Database Pages - August 3

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 4:43 PM by Lianne Flax

On August 3, a new EBSCO product called Explora will be added to the database pages.  Explora is a multi-search – it has multiple databases behind it, so you only have to go one place to search many of the EBSCO databases!  Search tools and features found in regular EBSCO databases will be the same in Explora.

The Explora on the main Online Resources page and the Kansas Library eCard’s General section will be for adult general research.  Academic Search, MasterFile, Newspaper Source, and EBSCO eBooks are a part of this Explora, as well as some subject-specific databases. The databases now being searched by Explora will be hidden on the main Online Resources & Kansas Library eCard database sections to provide a cleaner page.  So, if you would rather use the original MasterFile instead of the Explora, you will click a “view all” under General Research to access these individual databases.

Childrens’ and student databases already had EBSCO multi-searches available, but these are now quite old.  Links such as Searchasaurus, Kid Search, and Student Reference Center will be replaced with the new Explora Kids, Explora Middle School, and Explora High School.  These Exploras will still search the same databases and materials as the old multi-searches.  The children’s and student databases will now only be on the Kids and Student Research pages, so the Online Resources main page can primarily be for adult research & learning.