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May 03

On The Download - May 2022

Posted on May 3, 2022 at 10:34 AM by Michael Lang

Most popular talking book downloads April 2022

Most popular audio magazine downloads April 2022

  • Good Housekeeping April, 2022
  • Atlantic Monthly April, 2022
  • Talking Book Topics March, 2022
  • Analog March, 2022
  • Reader's Digest March, 2022
  • People April 25, 2022
  • The Week April 08, 2022
  • Foreign Affairs March, 2022

 Find a list of available magazines on the NLS website.   

Most popular braille book downloads April 2022

  • BRG02847 Safe Haven by Sparks, Nicholas
  • BR 23091 Betrayal of the Mountain Man by Johnstone, William W & Johnstone, J. A
  • BR 14407 The Healer by Henderson, Dee
  • BR 09306 Decked by Carol Higgins
  • BRC00541 Dead Men's Trails by Sharpe, Jon
  • BRG00775 Answered Prayers by Steel, Danielle
  • BR 22947 Justice of the Mountain Man by Johnstone, William W
  • BR 23953 Fallen by Castillo, Linda
  • BR 21746 The Whistler by Grisham, John
  • BR 15318 The Rescuer by Henderson, Dee
  • BR 23634 A Gathering of Secrets by Castillo, Linda
  • BR09282 For the Love of God: New writings by spiritual and psychological leaders by Shield, Benjamin & Carlson, Richard
  • BR 17852 Laughter, the Best Medicine: A laugh-out-load collection of our funniest jokes, quotes, stories & cartoons 
  • BRC01317 The Guardian by Sparks, Nicholas
  • BR23863 Perfect Little Children by Hannah, Sophie
  • BR 14103 The Protector by Henderson, Dee
  • BR 15167 Secrets of the Heart by Camp, Candace
  • BR 20342 The Reason for my Hope: Salvation by Graham, Billy
  • BR 22843 A Simple Prayer by Clipston, Amy