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Jun 16

Kansas Insects

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 9:24 AM by Bill Sowers


You hear that soft, irritating buzzing by your ear.  Your skin suddenly tightens, sensitive to the slightest touch.  There it comes!  You reach forward quickly with your right hand, SLAP!... and miss the little monster.  But while you were concentrating on the one at hand, a sibling has alighted on your other arm.  Blast! You'll soon have an itching bump there.

"Has anyone seen the insect repellent?"

Ah!  Summertime in Kansas. Besides the hot, sticky days and sultry nights millions of six-legged critters will crawl, leap, and fly throughout the season.  So, just what sort of bug is that?  Well, my friend, you can check the 1943 edition of "Common Insects of Kansas" at the State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library to find out!  


Some other, more current places for bug identification on the Internet:

Insect Identification: Kansas
(The Kansas page.  Scroll down for color graphics and information)

Kansas Dept. of Agriculture's Insect page
(Primarily injurious insects in agriculture)

Household Pests of Kansas
(Provided by K-State Research and Extension)

Ancient insect fossils
(Information provided by the Kansas Geological Survey)

The Rocky Mountain Locust: the Insect That Defined the West
(Kansas School Naturalist)

Biology of the Monarch Butterfly
(Kansas School Naturalist)

Kansas State University "K-State Insect Zoo"
View a short video on the Insect Zoo here:

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