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Nov 21

[ARCHIVED] Children's Corner: Locally Produced Books

The original item was published from November 21, 2022 8:49 AM to November 21, 2022 9:02 AM

Kansas Talking Books has recorded hundreds of books in house for over a decade in our Gerald Kopp studio. Of those books, many have been children’s books. Mos often, we focus on books appearing on the William Allen White Award and the Kansas Notable Books lists. However, we do record many other diverse children’s books.

Here are is a small selection of the most recently recorded books from Kansas Talking Books available in our collection and on BARD.

Two foxes, one looking up at the moon, surrounded by night blooming flowers and plants.

DBC17269 Sun and moon by Lindsey Yankey 

(Kansas Notable Book; Staff recommended)

Sun and moon have always held their own places in the sky, but after a lifetime of darkness moon wants a trade. "Just for one day" begs moon. Before agreeing to grant his wish, however, Sun makes a special request. Will it change Moon's mind? For preschool to grade 2.

People playing Monopoly, with hotels, houses, dice, money and other game play pieces above.

DBC17272 Pass Go and collect $200: the real story of how Monopoly was invented by Tanya lee Stone

(popular on BARD)

With over one billion players across 111 countries, Monopoly is recognized today as one of the world's most famous games. Have you ever wondered how it was invented? In the late 1800s lived Lizzie Magie, a clever and charismatic woman with a strong sense of justice. Waves of urban migration drew Lizzie's attention to rising financial inequality. One day she had an idea: create a game that shows the unfairness of the landlord-tenant relationship. But game players seemed to have the most fun pretending to be wealthy landowners. Enter Charles Darrow, a marketer and salesman with a vision for transforming Lizzie's game into an exciting staple of American family entertainment. Boldness, imagination, and ruthless competition combine in this riveting story that sets the record straight on Monopoly's origins For grades 2-4.

A young man with a dirty face in dirty clothes with illustrations indicating he is smelly.

DBC17270 Crumbled! by Lisa Harkrader 

(Kansas Notable Book)

For Nobbin Swill, life is no fairy tale. His family has been the king's royal dung farmers for generations. It's a stinky job and someone has to do it, but Nobbin doesn't want to spend his whole life as a dung farmer. On a dark, cloudy night, Nobbin catches a flicker of moonlight glimmering off something in the dung. It could be a button or a buckle, something that might fetch him a coin from the shoemaker. But it turns out to be a very valuable ring--the king's ring, and one that could offer Nobbin a life free from dung! But Nobbin isn't a thief and would never steal from the king, so he makes his way to the castle. When he tries to return the ring, things only become more complicated, and he ends up having to help the hapless Prince Charming solve a mystery when the woodcutter's children--Gretel, and her younger brother, Hansel--go missing. Will the two be able to solve the case? For grades 2-4. Unrated.

A house with upstair light on, two trees, with hill in front, cityscape behind, in blues and pinks.

DBC17288 What sound is morning? by Grant Snider 

(Kansas Notable Book)

In the first morning light, all is quiet. Or is it? Listen. Welcome the day by exploring the exuberant sounds- and soft silences- of morning For preschool to grade 2.

A house with upstairs light on with a tree on either side and city skyline in back, in blues.

DBC17289 What color is night? by Grant Snider

(Kansas Notable Book)

Grant Snider draws in darkness before the rest of his family wakes up, giving him every opportunity to observe the colors of the night until the sun rises and the day begins. An orthodontist by day, he finds hidden hours in the night to write, draw, and create cartoons. He lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his family. For preschool to grade 2.

Two ducks leading a line of 10 ducklings down a path among flowers, trees, and grass.

DBC17278 Ducks in the road by Anita Lobel

Ten little ducks go for a walk with their parents but one by one, they get distracted and go off on their own adventures, meeting new friends along the way. For preschool to grade 2.