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Mar 07

Braille Magazines

Posted on March 7, 2023 at 9:42 AM by Michael Lang

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) produces many braille magazines that Kansas Talking Books patrons can access for free. Below you’ll find the list of currently available publications and the braille formats they can be accessed. 

BARD ebraille indicates that a magazine is available to download from BARD to use on a refreshable braille display or to emboss. Magazines listed with braille are available for patrons to subscribe to through Kansas Talking Books and printed copies will be mailed directly to patrons as new issues are produced. 

Better Homes and Gardens (BARD ebraille, braille) A resource for home ideas, food and recipes for everyday and special occasions, and garden know-how. Monthly 

Braille Book Review (BARD ebraille, braille) Announcements of braille books recently added to the collection of NLS as well as news and developments in library services for people who are blind. Braille edition includes a list of books listed in Talking Book Topics and a braille order form. Bimonthly

Braille Chess Magazine (braille) Articles on chess; news of current trends and competitions. Quarterly

Braille Music Magazine (braille) Articles about classical music for professional and amateur musicians; reviews of new braille music publications. Monthly

Catster (BARD ebraille, braille) For cat owners and lovers. Info on breeds and cat humor. Bimonthly

Conundrum (braille) Crossword and logic puzzles, anagrams, sudoku, and general-knowledge quizzes. Monthly

Cook’s Illustrated (BARD ebraille, braille) From America’s Test Kitchen. Includes recipes and tips on cooking. Bimonthly

Cricket: The Realm of Imagination (BARD ebraille, braille) Stories, poems, and articles by internationally known authors, plus songs, jokes, and crafts. For ages nine through fourteen. 9 issues/year

Dell Sunday Crosswords (BARD ebraille, braille) 60 themed crossword puzzles. Quarterly

Dogster (BARD ebraille, braille) A publication where dog lovers come together to get the latest information on training, health, food and the dog lifestyle. 6 issues/year

Guideposts (BARD ebraille, braille) Inspirational stories from Guideposts Associate, Inc. Monthly

Harper’s Magazine (BARD ebraille, braille) General culture magazine with articles by well-known writers on politics, international affairs, education, and science. Includes short stories, satire, and poetry. Monthly

Health Newsletters (BARD ebraille, braille) Current health concerns, medical information, nutrition, and stress management from Harvard Health Letter 12 times/year; University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter 15 times/year, and the Mayo Clinic Health Letter 12 times/year. Monthly

Interweave Knit (BARD ebraille, braille) Articles, patterns, and styles for knitting hobbyists. Quarterly

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (BARD ebraille, braille) General-interest articles on managing finances, including taxes, investment options, real estate, insurance, and retirement planning. Monthly

Missouri Conservationist (BARD ebraille)  Outdoor life and conservation management in Missouri. Monthly

Muse: The Magazine of Life, the Universe, and Pie Throwing (BARD ebraille, braille) Science, art, archaeology, and history activities for ages nine through fourteen; includes contests, book and media reviews. 9 issues/year

Musical Mainstream (BARD ebraille, braille) Selected articles from national magazines about classical music, music criticism, and music teaching; announces new NLS music acquisitions. Quarterly

National Geographic (BARD ebraille, braille) Articles on world geography and cultures, plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history. 12 issues/year

National Geographic Kids (BARD ebraille, braille) Articles for children about people, places, customs, animals, and plants. 10 issues/year

The New York Times Book Review (BARD ebraille, braille) Literary articles and book reviews from the Sunday New York Times. 52 issues/year

The New York Times Large Print Weekly (BARD ebraille, braille) Highlights from the New York Times. 52 issues/year

NLS News (BARD ebraille, braille) NLS newsletter. Quarterly

PC World (BARD ebraille, braille) Information for computer users about hardware, software, advanced technology, and trends in the field; columns on product reviews and helpful hints. Monthly

Poetry (BARD ebraille, braille) Contemporary poetry selected from a wide range of contributors and styles. 11 issues/year

Popular Mechanics (BARD ebraille, braille) Practical advice for amateur mechanics, information on automotive and home repairs, and features on new equipment. 10 issues/year

Popular Music Lead Sheets (braille) Melodies, lyrics, and chords to popular songs, from golden oldies to recent hits. Quarterly

Reader's Digest (BARD ebraille, braille) Short stories, political commentary, and other general interest topics; some articles are condensed from print magazines. Contains anecdotes, humor, and a condensed book. 10 issues/year

Rolling Stone (BARD ebraille, braille) American popular culture in the arts and entertainment industry. Provides music, video, movie, and electronics reviews. 12 issues/year

Science News: Magazine of the Society for Science and the Public (BARD ebraille, braille) Excerpts of reports on current programs in science, medicine, and technology. 24 issues/year

Scout Life (BARD ebraille, braille) Articles on the outdoors, sports, and hobbies, plus adventure fiction and humor, for ages nine through sixteen. Published by the Boy Scouts of America. Monthly

Short Stories (braille) Stories from contemporary writers. Monthly

Spider: The Magazine for Children (BARD ebraille, braille) Stories, poems, jokes, and crafts for beginning readers ages six through nine. 9 issues/year

Sports Illustrated Kids (BARD ebraille, braille) Sports news and articles for ages eight through thirteen. Features sports personalities, events, and cards; youths who are excelling in athletics; and a regular column by youths discussing controversial sports-related issues. 11 issues/year

Sports Schedules (BARD ebraille, braille) Schedules for five professional sports leagues. Annually

  • Major League Baseball (available as American League, National League, or combined) 
  • National Basketball Association 
  • National Football League 
  • National Hockey League 
  • Women’s National Basketball Association 

Stone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers and Artists (BARD ebraille, braille) Stories, poems, illustrations, and book reviews created by children ages eight through thirteen. Features an activities section with suggested related projects. 11 issues/year

Visit the NLS website for a listing of magazines in additional accessible formats.