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Jan 27

BoW: Eldridge House Disappearances

Posted on January 27, 2016 at 10:55 AM by Lianne Flax

 eldridge  The Eldridge House Disappearances
by Napoleon Crews

Format: ebook 
Find it at: Enki 

A Kansas historical mystery in honor of Kansas Day, January 29.

The Eldridge House Hotel endured the violent Bleeding Kansas years. Now in the civilized 1890s the hotel is the center of mysterious violence, somehow linked to the anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid. Lawrence police officer Sam Jeans is embroiled in intrigue as the situation quickly deteriorates.

While doing research on Lawrence history for his first novel, Napoleon Crews found a photograph of a black police officer. The photo was dated 1890, and Sam Jeans was noted as the assistant chief of police, later the chief of police. Unfortunately Crews did not discover more about the real Sam Jeans, but the fictional Sam became the main character of his Fireside Novels. For all books by Crews on Enki click here.