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Feb 08

Total BooX: iOS app update

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 2:09 PM by Lianne Flax

Total BooX ebooks released an update for iPad/iPhone last week.  This update adds the "Get Books" button so you can checkout books directly inside the app. 

Previously, iPad users had to login separately to a Total BooX to checkout books.  Android & Kindle Fire users already had this feature. Below are some screenshots from the library's iPad Mini. 

The Get Books button is in the top brown border.  Just tap this. 


The Get Books feature has the same sections as the Total BooX website. A "homepage" under the Total BooX icon (editor's picks, recently added items, author spotlight), Categories (subject browse), Shelves (pre-made topic groups) and Search.

As an example, we searched for the book "Silver Sparrow."  To checkout a book, just tap the green "add" button.  When you've finished checking out books, tap "back" to return to the main screen of your app. 


Have not tried Total BooX yet?  See this page for instructions by mobile device type.

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