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Mar 16

SAGE Knowledge Resources on Elections

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 12:45 PM by Brian Herder

Everywhere people are talking about the upcoming presidential election. Do you get asked “Just what is a superdelegate?” and “What happens at a brokered convention?” If someone calls you a 'Brass Collar Democrat', should you be offended? What about a 'Mugwump'?

The answer to these questions and more can be found in Elections A-Z, an encyclopedia found in SAGE Knowledge, on the main Online Resource page under Stats & Government.

Elections A to Z explains how campaigns and elections are conducted in the United States. Entries range from short definitions of terms such as superdelegate to in-depth essays exploring vital aspects of elections such as primary types and voter trends. This resource offers revised and updated content. The mostly one- to three-page entries, many with sidebars and illustrations, are enhanced by black and white portraits, photographs, and political cartoons. Users may search across all entries or browse by letter.

To discover the answers to these questions and more, paste the DOI to the right of each italicized term into the SAGE Knowledge search bar:

Superdelegate ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n241

Brokered Convention ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n26

Brass Collar Democrat ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n25

Mugwump ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n141


* Or brush up on Primary Types ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n182

* What is Fusionism? Hint: State Librarian Annie Diggs (1898-1902) was one:
Fusionism ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n93

* The phrase Stalking Horse has been mentioned this election. What does it mean?
Stalking Horse ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n232

* Did you know that some states have Sore Loser Laws? ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n226

* Where did the term Straw Vote come from? ----> 10.4135/9781452234144.n237

To see these entries and more, go to and then paste 10.4135/9781452234144 into the search bar.



Tarr, David R and Bob Benenson, eds. Elections A to Z. 4th ed. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2012. SAGE Knowledge. Web. CQ Press: American Government A to Z Series