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Mar 18

The Kansas Peach

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 4:20 PM by Bill Sowers

Ah, spring!  When a young (wo)man's palate turns to.... peaches!

Our Kansas forebears knew how to "turn a phrase" when promoting our state!  How about this for the title of a booklet on peaches in the Sunflower State:

The Peach: The Kansas Peach: The Luscious, Melting, Juicy Mass of Angel Food.

This wonderful book, published by the Kansas State Horticultural Society in 1899, is one of several publications issued by the Society at the turn of the last century encouraging Kansans to cultivate various crops en masse or just in their back yards.

Planting, pruning, best soils and controlling possible pests... the authors of articles throughout the book cover every aspect of bringing forth the best peaches possible.  The book has some great graphics too.

So while you wait for this luscious, milting juicy mass of angel food to show up at your local grocery stores in abundance, take a while to thumb through our copy of this book on the virtual shelves of the KGI Online Library.

And take note of the warning of the Secretary of the Society boldly displayed on the front cover of this book: